All my things exhibition by José Medina Galeote opens at El Pacto Invisible Gallery in Málaga

El pacto Invisible

El Pacto Invisible Gallery innaugurates the exhibition  All my things by the painter José Medina Galeote. (Molinillo del Aceite, 13. Málaga, from December 10th) Born in Gerona in 1970, José Medina Galeote, a Catalan settled in Antequera defined himself in an interview given to El Cultural a few years ago as follows: "I'm not an artist,

The Second Hundred Years War (1914-2014)

John Singer Sargent, Gassed, oil on canvas, 1919

After 1991 the historians’ debate on globalization has taken a number of turns towards the possible historical classification of the last decades. Other professionals have joined in: political scientists, journalists, politicians, and many others, more or less connected with the domains, but most of them with variable, measurable, and rewarded

The ingredients of success

“Trust in God, perseverance, discipline and work!” This is the motto of John Alexa. He is the Romanian who became a successful farmer in Australia, building his own business from zero, by clearing the Australian land in Queensland. He learnt a new language, adapted to a new culture and even to